Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive web development/design allows a website to provide an optimal experience on any gadget it’s being accessed from. It will eventually become more fruitful to surf internet on portable gadgets rather than a PC. Most of the Smartphone and tablet users accomplish the goal of visiting websites and other dynamics of the internet on their mobile device. So, you ought to develop a responsive website design that can be reachable to such users, managing the same URL on all platforms which give the user a satisfying experience of surfing.

Why is it essential to implicate responsive web designing for a website?

Tablets, smartphones or desktops have different screen sizes, but all user watches a similar content of the same website on different devices. What makes it possible? Well, they all have gone to responsive web development.

Flash is becoming obsolete and the web is marching towards a standard web development service that uses HTML5 and CSS3. Over the past few years, it has curved into a device agnostic approach to give content to users. A responsive website is simple, clean, user-friendly, uses single content, single URL, and one HTML code to optimize a website that works according to the screen size and resolution.

In addition, to planning the layouts for your website design, it is also very important to bring in a responsive website design. Here are the pointers:

  • The Same URL on all gadgets manifests increase in user
  • It helps to reduce product cost of website designing
  • Advantages of using the same URL that prevails for features and SEO ranking of your website
  • Easy and tangible modification on all platforms

Our team of highly experienced designers and developers have worked on a variety of technological sites, including WordPress, PHP, Magento, Joomla, and Zend. At Wattabyte, we have proficiency in designing CSS responsive, HTML responsive, and mobile websites for a range of industries including Retail, eCommerce, Travel, Entertainment, Fashion, Real Estate etc. We develop websites attuned with all mobile devices and desktop as well.

What we Offer ?

  • New productive website design and development.
  • Making the site more accessible: flexible layout, media query, images, and media.
  • Modify responsive design as per your audience.
  • Redesigning existing site for mobile devices
  • Responsive mobile friendly projects
  • Development and design of corporate responsive site
  • Mobile friendly systems with integration for location.

Now, watching the present trends, mobile-friendly websites are no longer an option for businesses. It is necessary to keep a close eye to the advancement that is happening in the market of responsive designing and integrate the best practices.

Wattabyte offers a robust and scalable technique to produce a responsive web design with the utmost use of resources available. We have a highly professional pool of team members who are renowned for making explicit designs that multiply in the market. With years of experience in the market, our responsive website designers have effectively accomplished more than 150 projects.

At Wattabyte, if you approach with your thoughts, ideas, and requirements, our designers/developers are ready to chalk out everything as per your expectation. It is necessary to become established on the tablet and mobile platform to popularize a website. The petite screens of these devices need extensive proficiency to design a responsive web.