Wattabyte, a leading software and IT service provider has been giving equipped competent software and support service for many years What does this even mean?. The software maintenance group at Wattabyte is committed in the ranges of , Database and Language Migration, Re-Engineering, Porting, and Functionality & Version Upgrades amongst others. In this way, whether it is a basic application running on a SUN server in New Jersey or an email talk running in Berlin on an HP Server, our on-time safeguarding and support services can help you meet your business goals under all situations.

Focus Areas in Software Maintenance

    Maintenance and Support
    We assist you to fix errors in your software system, be it coding errors, logical errors, or design errors. Furthermore, we look into any bug that may occur in your software algorithms.

    Adaptive Maintenance and Support
    We help you make the vital adjustments and modifications to your product for the steadily changing necessities of your business. Here is a diagram of what we do – Data design change, Localization and control change, Hardware setup change, Support Utility Modification, and Operating framework combination.

    Preventive Maintenance
    Proactive and Preventive – that is the way we characterize the effectiveness of our administrations. In view of client feedback and past incidents, we set up your product for future prerequisites.

    Perfective Maintenance and Support
    Constant maintenance and special concentration are needed to make the utmost of the technology for your business. We look after your software for modifications, editing, rectifications, additions, deletions, and enhancements.

    Request Based Software Services, Porting, Software Re-engineering, Bug Fixes, Change Request Handling, Defect Resolution, Status Reports and Configuration management

Why Choose Us?

We follow a well-defined and adaptable upkeep handle, and reliably advance preventive support best practices at our client destinations so that their product requests minimum support. Accordingly, we unequivocally advocate the accompanying to our customer associations to minimize the degree for expansive scale framework errors and restorative activity:

  • Rigorous documentation and processes at the software development stage
  • Knowledge sharing on enterprise applications
  • Streamlined ongoing preventive maintenance efforts
  • Knowledge repositories on enterprise applications

Our clients have doled out hostage groups with devoted venture heads and group prompts outline and sends finish programming maintenance systems and give progressing support. Our committed programming, maintenance and support groups log and track benefit demands, and offer round-the-clock investigating and ongoing determination of all issue ranges. Wattabyte guarantees that our services, improve application performance and cut down your total cost of ownership (TCO) on programming.