Java Application Development

Java is one of the most reputed programming languages renowned globally and offers your large business or SMEs with its seamless scalability, which makes it an ideal language to develop complicated business requirements in a simple application. It is a technology platform that is architecture neutral, independent, high-performance and multi-threaded programming language used to produce an exceptional business solution.

Wattabyte is renowned for its affluent web based application development for servers as well as for client side. We have a proficient Java and J2EE development team at our Bangalore based office. We follow pair-programming method, along with unremitting integration TDD (test driven development), using tools like Cruise Control among other intense programming (XP) paradigms. Also, we extensively worked with affluent Java programmers around the world.

We offer complete Java application development solutions that include designing and development, software architecture, software consulting and project solutions. Our Java proficiency covers rapid development using CMS-based solutions, grails, SAAS applications, portal server development, Business Intelligence application development, interactive web-based application development and application development using J2EE Technologies.

Platforms that We Specialize in


We specialize in utilizing powerful Magnolia features to build enterprise-scale websites that will provide high-performance and help you to elevate the efficiency of your sales and marketing across the digital platform.

  • Magnolia Implementation Consulting
  • Back-end and Third-Party Integrations for Magnolia
  • Magnolia Websites & Portal Development
  • Support & Maintenance for Magnolia
  • Magnolia Migrations & Upgrades


We provide with cutting-edge websites, cloud-supported enterprise portals, web applications and social collaboration platforms that are well-matched with major servers, databases, and OS.

  • Liferay Consulting
  • Liferay Applications Development
  • Liferay Websites Development
  • Liferay Upgrades & Migrations
  • Liferay Support & Maintenance
  • Liferay Performance Optimization

Our Java Development Services

Our clients have relied on our expertise and understanding of Java technologies backed by a commitment to keep up with the ever-shifting Java technology landscape. We assist our clients in choosing the right Java architecture that follows tested approaches to build strong and scalable Java applications. Our Java development services can offer

  • Java Application Development
  • Java Web Development
  • Enterprise Java Development
  • Java Software Development
  • Java Professional Services
  • Java Migration
  • Java Mobile Development
  • Custom Java Development

Why Choose Wattabyte?

Wattabyte has developed a casket of experts for Java development – including strong norms and standards on caching and resource management, user interface techniques, performance tuning, testing, debugging, and web services. These practices ensure to achieve successful completion of your Java development project that ensures no time and excess expense – or adverse reduce on software quality.

  • Agile methodology and development
  • Experienced & expert Java developers, analysts, and architects
  • Execute with high performance
  • Bespoke, simple and target specific development
  • Interpreted, threaded and dynamic solution
  • Fast and cost effective solution

Our developers are dedicated to provide 100% fulfillment with Java development services. The proficiency of our developers helps us to offer the finest satisfaction to the customers with their projects. Mail us your technology requirement and we will revert with a new plan, possible design and UX approaches to your possible software needs. Contact us now.