Cloud Management Service

Cloud management is an amalgamation of the latest technology and software to observe the applications and services which are residing in the cloud. Cloud Management services come to rescue in order to make sure the services and installed applications are working properly and interacting with the users. Today, every large and small scale ventures are updating their conventional IT infrastructure to cloud computing. It involves a great deal of maintenance, performance monitoring, and disaster recovery and security testing.

What We Do ?

We at Wattabyte provide all-in-all cloud management and support services provided by highly knowledgeable infrastructure experts. We also give proactive maintenance, server support, monitoring, backup and improvement services. Our affluent remote system expert can perform plentiful tasks based on our client’s needs and we work mutually through everyday interaction with our clients.

  • Amazon EC2 Cloud Management
  • Linux Server Management
  • Manage Domains & Hosting
  • Cloud Environment setup
  • Universal Application Maintenance and Support
  • Periodical Backup and Restore
  • Set up Cacti (Absolute RRD Tool based Graphic solution)
  • Setup Servers for a variety of technologies such as ASP.NET, RoR, Cake PHP/PHP
  • Consumption of Version Controlling Server such as Gitosis
  • Monitor IT Infrastructure services with Nagios
  • Use a range of applications using Capistrano & Jenkins
  • Real-Time Web Application Performance Monitoring with New Relic
  • PHP, Ruby on Rails, MYSQL, Apache, Cake PHP and NGINX Installation

    Server Management
    We tender Cloud Server Management services to provide Cloud Server Hosting with complete control of the virtual server. It will give you a choice to select your own operating system, hardware and software essentials.

    VPN Server
    We present secured VPN Servers that allows sending and receiving data devoid of any lag. We provide a practical point-to-point connection by virtual tunneling protocols, keen connections, or traffic encryption that makes server data administration easy.

    Application Server
    We provide Application Servers that will handle the whole thing between the users and company’s backend databases or business applications with integral redundancy, and maintain complex database access.

    Database Server
    Our server experts help you to locate the exact setup that would work for your database seamlessly. We make it flawless for you to arrange a server that is unequivocally engineered for both open source database server and enterprise databases.

    Version Control
    We focus on version scheming for running a compilation of program code with work files and version control locking. Our databases are built in a way so that you can evoke specific versions later without giving much worry about the present variation.

    Public Cloud
    We have core expertise with the most decipherable model of cloud computing and public cloud model. We can help you to configure a virtualized setting shared with high-security level parameters that create a separate cloud server stage for your business.